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Meet Our Team

Jeff Pritchard

Chief Executive Officer & Secretary of the Board

With over 30 years’ experience in the agricultural inputs space, both US and International, Jeff oversees the strategic direction and general managerial duties at WestLink Ag.

Kyle Grant

Executive Vice President

With over 20 years’ experience, primarily in the Fertilizer supply and retail distribution segments, Kyle oversees the procurement and strategic duties of WestLink Ag’s fertilizer operations.

MacArthur Minor

Chief Financial Officer

With a repertoire of finance degrees and certifications, coupled with extensive industry experience and a notable service record, MacArthur manages operational and administrative functions for our members and strategic suppliers.

Shelly Vande Hei

Logistics and Member Service Manager

Shelly has been with WestLink since 2012 and runs all member & supplier related transactions as well as product movement & communication at WestLink Ag.

Tammi Lester

Member Engagement Manager

Tammi began working with WestLink in Sept 2019 and works with Shelly on member and supplier related WestLink Ag Group transactions. Tammi receives and handles requests from members while working with our strategic suppliers on price quotes, product availability, purchase orders and order adjustments.

Bri Pickles

AP/AR Manager, WAPC

Bri has been with WestLink Ag since September 2023 and manages the accounts payable and receivable for the WestLink Ag Products Company.

Dalton Rasgorshek

AP/AR Manager, Group

Dalton has been with WestLink Ag since September 2023 and manages the accounts payable and receivable for group side WLA.

WestLink Board of Directors

  • Mark Stutsman – Chairman

  • Randy Delerio – Vice Chairman

  • Del Vanderhoff

  • Cal Barta

  • Jerry Watson

  • Greg Conway

  • Doug Purvis

Eldon C. Stutsman, Inc. (Hills, IA)

High Desert Ag (Firebaugh, CA)                              Chamberlin Ag (Wenatchee, WA)                            Ag Enterprise (Cheney, WA)

Watson Ag (Caruthers, CA)

Central Plains Agronomy (Concordia, KS)

Coastal Ag Supply, Inc (Mulberry, FL)

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